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Do You Even Truffle? Leisha Jones Discusses The Depth And Beauty Of This Foraged Treasure.

Truffles can be said to possess the same intoxicating qualities of a mysterious woman. Exotic, rare and unattainable, their perfume lures you in and you’ll spend the rest of your days chasing that dizzying high…

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In Conversation With Chef Des Harris

Des is widely regarded as one of New Zealand’s most prominent chefs.
Originally from Wellington, Des spent his formative years leading the kitchen at Logan Brown under Chef Al Brown.

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Recipe: Dumplings in Spicy (Sichuan) Sauce

To those of us that love food, Dominion Road in Auckland is synonymous with a variety of excellent Asian cuisines – in particular, Chinese cuisines. One who has never driven down the ‘Dom’ (as it is affectionately known by some) will be entranced…

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Recipe: Holly’s Gluten Free Pasta

UnserHaus Showroom Manager Holly, shares her delicious gluten free pasta recipe that is a great base for any gluten free pasta dish.

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Ten Commandments Of Soup Making By Sophie Gilmour

At Ballymaloe Cookery School I was taught this simple and fail-safe formula for delicious vegetable soup – it’s called 1-1-3-5 – and it works every time.
We used this base recipe at Ballymaloe to make the most delicious potato and spring onion soup one day, and we were taught how to make this game-changing accompaniment to drizzle on top of it. Thank me later!

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How A Wine Cabinet Changed My Life

Life changes frequently on the journey to becoming a wine collector. There are a number of phases: from the first dip of the toe when you want to impress your date or your boss, to the thrilling purchase of the occasional Icon wine or rare find (a so called “Unicorn” wine), to buying wine by the case and even possibly going as far as a thorough exploration of a particular grape or region.

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